Marquell Mystique, Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM and Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM taken at Crufts 2012 

April 2012 - Recent show results, including CRUFTS! - Scroll down to view


Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM    (1 x RCC)




  Although only lightly shown throughout 2007, Grace was consistently well placed at all shows attended. 

She gained a creditable 3rd place at Crufts under Mr John Gillespie (Lochranza). Myself and Grace are also proud 

members of the Asquanne breeders stakes team headed by Mrs Anne Webster. The team came 3rd overall at the finals

held at Crufts last year and we are proud to have qualified to represent our fabulous breed again this year.

Grace is currently taking time out of the show ring for maternal duties. Hopefully she will be back late 2008.


Here is an up-to-the minute photo of Grace just 3 weeks after having her babies!

She must have felt much better after a lovely trim and bath


Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille




         Whisky was also only lightly shown in 2007. He did well at all shows attended.

Hopefully you will see alot more of Whisky in 2008!

This is Neil and Whisky pictured at Taunton Kennel Association open show.

This was Neil's first time showing and he was placed a credible 2nd in the open class.

The judge was Mrs Louise Wilding (Lochranza/Jayzander)



Unfortunately the lighting at the NEC isn't great for taking photographs!

This is the Asquanne breeders stakes team, headed by Anne Webster

The team from left to right is......

Anne with Ginny, Louise Wilding with Heidi, Myself with Grace and Ellen Harman with Beckham

All the dogs are bred by Anne and in the final the team was placed a credible 5th overall

Me and Grace!

Here's Grace on the table ready to be judged in her breed class

And on the move to the left of this picture!

Whisky relaxing before going into his breed class where he was shortlisted in a large class of 25


WELKS Picture 26/04/08


Whisky was placed 2nd in a large post graduate dog class


After waiting for Grace to grow some new clothes she was back in the ring today and was placed a credible 3rd in a strong limit bitch class

Reuben was not entered today as he is not 6 months old fact he is only 13 weeks! He spent the day playing with his brother at Neil's parents house

We have been practicing how to behave at our ringcraft sessions so heres a little image of him standing (Just so he didn't feel left out!)


Taunton and District canine society premier open show 28/05/08

Today we attended this show in the pouring rain (we must be mad!). On arrival we were informed our scheduled judge had broken down on the

motorway and would not be able to make it to the show. Our new judge was Mrs Joy Norris. At a premier show the dog awarded best of breed

earns a qualification for CRUFTS 2009.

Results as follows:


1. Gilcar Sunny Days

2. Pepperbox Ice Storm

3. Pepperbox Summer Storm

4. Claramand Chantana


1. Caenriver Wait 'n' see


1. Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille

Open Dog

1. Symbiosis Classic lines by Caenriver

Open Bitch

1. Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM

2. Shadowview Sleepy Head

3. Deracor Cornish Lass

BEST OF BREED - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM  (Gracie!)



Neil also showed Whisky in AV Gundog open and was awarded 3rd in good competition


Exeter City Canine Society Open Show 14/06/08

Yesterday we attended the Exeter City open show and the judge Mr David Alcorn (Rutilus) had travelled all the way

from Scotland to judge most of the gundog breeds. He had a lovely entry of 32 cockers to judge and awarded Grace Best of Breed.

She then went forward to the group competition and was shortlisted down to the last 6. The judge for the group was Mrs Marion McAngus (Greyfurs).


1. Gilcar Sunny Days

2. Bencleuch Bussell

3. Pepperbox Summer Storm


1. Caenriver Wait n See

2. Stainsbeck Candytuft in Brelade

3. Ringslade Blue Ribbon

Post Graduate

1. Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert

2. Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille

3. Acquelin Betony (I think?)

Open Dog

1. Blencleuch Be Cool with Brelade

2. Symbiosis Classic Lines by Caenriver

3. Sunzo Soft Shoe Shuffle

Open Bitch

1. Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM

2. Shadowview Jamaican Spice among Furians

3. Deracor Cornish Lass (I think?)

BEST OF BREED - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM

RESERVE BEST OF BREED - Bencleuch Be Cool with Brelade

BEST PUPPY IN BREED - Gilcar Sunny Days



Today we attended Blackpool Champ show held at Westby near Blackpool. The weather unfortunately was not in our favour and

it was extremely cold and windy all day! The judge was Mr Colin Woodward (Wadeson) an established breeder and exhibitor of Springer spaniels.

He attracted an entry of over 200 cockers, which was the shows largest entry for a single breed judge!

Whisky Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille was in post graduate dog and was placed a credible 3rd out of 10.

Grace Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM was in Mid limit bitch and won her class of 10!

In the challenge for the CC it was all very tense. The CC was awarded to Parkinson and Dillon's Sh.Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW.

The judge came back to Grace twice whilst deciding where the reserve CC should go. Unfortunately it was not to be Grace's day and the RCC

was awarded to Anne and Alan Webster's Asquanne Generation Gap (ai). We were really pleased though, because Anne and Alan bred Grace.

Full results for cocker spaniels can be found on the Higham press website.


The Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show 13/07/08

Today we attended the Cocker Club. Whisky (Asquanne's Goldstein) was entered as not for competition as Anne Webster (Asquanne) was judging the dog classes.

Reuben (Franaille Enigma) was also entered as not for competition as he is still not 6 months. He had a jolly nice time checking out all of the other dogs!

Grace (Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM) was entered into a class of 14 and won. The judge for bitches was Mrs Marjorie Coar (Cormara).

John Goodyear held an eye testing clinic at the show and both Grace and Whisky were tested clear for GPRA and CPRA.

National Gundog Championship show 2/08/08

We had a lovely day at National Gundog. The breed had two judges. Dogs were judged by Bob Needham (Merryhaze) and bitches by David Todd (Chataway).

Whisky was in one of the largest classes of the day and we were really pleased he was shortlisted but unfortunately went cardless!

Grace was in a strong limit bitch class and had a lovely 5th place.

Grace was also entered into the Young Kennel Club stakes and was awarded 3rd amongst good company.

Anne Webster and her breeders stakes team were once again representing the breed and won the breeders stakes for the 3rd year running!

(Pictures to follow soon!)

Full results on Fosse Data web site

Paignton Championship Show 6/08/08

Today we attended this show at Westpoint. The breed judge was Mrs Pam Blay, a gundog all rounder. Whisky was in a class of 11 in post graduate and

I have to say I was shocked and suprised when we were placed 1st! Well done Whisky!!

Grace was once again met by strong contenders in limit bitch but again was placed a credible 5th.

We were also entered into the Bannerdown Special Beginners Stakes and out of approximately 40 dogs that turned up, we were shortlisted into the last 8

but unplaced. We were pleased to have made the cut though!

Full results on the Higham Press web site


***** National Gundog Photographs *****

This is the current breeders stakes team 2008

Featured from Left to right are:

Anne Webster with Asquanne Generation Gap (ai) JW, Kate Siviter with Sh.Ch Asquanne Ginelle JW (BOB Crufts 2008),

Me with Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM (RCC) and Ellen Harman with Sh.Ch. Asquanne's Granite to Ellgars JW

This is the gorgeous Grace (A.Grania)

Darlington Dog show society 14/09/08

Yesterday we made the 660 mile round trip up to Ripon in Yorkshire for Darlington dog show society.

George Parker (Weyhill) was the judge for our breed and I was delighted when he placed Whisky (A. Goldstein) 1st

in Post Graduate dog (considering he had mud splattered up his leg!!)

******STOP PRESS******

Anne and Alan Webster won their 200th CC in this lovely breed, a super achievement and one to be extremely proud of.


Of course dog showing is never simple and just as we were waiting for the bitch classes, the breeders stakes was called

which meant trekking across boggy ground to the main ring in our lovely cream and white outfits!

Anyway it was all worth it as Anne's team of Asquanne cockers won the heat for gundogs and then competed

against another team from hound day and won through to the final held at CRUFTS 2009.


21/09/08 West Country Dog Club

Today we attended this show held at The Hand Stadium, Clevedon.

Whisky was awarded 1st in Post graduate and Grace 3rd in Open.

Both Whisky and Grace were entered into the AV gundog open class and from a large entry, Whisky was awarded 1st and Grace 2nd!


27/09/08 Exeter County Limit Show

Today Grace was entered into the Cocker class as there was only one and won 1st and Best of Breed.

She then competed in the Gundog group and was placed 4th.

Whisky was entered into AV gundog open and won his class. As this was not a breed class, he was not eligable to compete in the group

despite being an unbeaten dog.

Our judge for the day was Mr Huw Sidebottom.


I was entered into Adult handling and won the class and then in the challenge against the other two handling class

winners I was declared Best Handler in Show.


18/10/08 South West Gundog Society

On the 18th October we attended the South West Gundog show. The breed judging was split dogs and bitches.

The dog judge was Mrs Sharon Adams (Tilarn). Whisky was in a lovely class of 9 and was awarded 2nd to Hazel Dewhurst's

blue dog, Lapidary Rebel Rebel, who was declared best dog overall.

The bitch judge was Sandra Gray (Sanmargra). Grace was entered into the open bitch class and was awarded a nice 2nd

to Sally Ellison's black, Withiflor Shining JW, who was declared best bitch. So, overall a pleasing day!



Last night we attended a match run by Newton Abbot canine society, to try and qualify for the Wiveliscombe

Supermatch in January. To my delight, Whisky (Asquanne's Goldstein) won through

all his rounds in the adult match and was awarded Best Adult in match and will go forward to represent the club in January.

Here is a photo taken by Debbie Fuller


Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club championship show

 Today we attended this show held at the Culm Valley Leisure Centre, Cullompton.

There was a large entry of 214 dogs.

The bitch judge was Mrs Judith Craig (Alisma), and the dog judge was Mrs Pam Walker (Cardamine).

Both Grace and Whisky were entered into Special Beginners which is a class for exhibitors having not won a CC in the breed.

Grace won her class and Whisky was awarded 2nd in his.

The dog who beat Whisky went on to win the Dog CC so we were really pleased with today's reults!

04.01.09 Taunton DCS

Our Judge for this show, the first of 2009 was Miss Hannah Platt (Charbonnel). I believe this was her first judging appointment, which she

approached most professionally. Whisky won a strong open dog class and Grace was 2nd in open bitch.

Both Grace and Whisky were entered into AV Gundog open under Mrs Sandy Platt (Charbonnel) and were placed

1st and 2nd respectively! Many thanks to Becky Collier for handling Grace in the AV Gundog.





10.01.09 Wiveliscombe Super Match

Last night, me and my friend Kim attended the Wiveliscombe Super match held at Brean Sands, near Weston Super Mare.

Whisky was representing our local ringcraft (Newton Abbot).

Altogether there were 14 South West based ringcraft clubs present, all had a puppy and an adult representative.

Our judge for the evening was Mr David Cavill.

The evening commenced with a parade of all the dogs, followed by the puppy and adult match.

The puppy match was won by the American Cocker Spaniel and the adult match and Best in Match overall was won by the Doberman.

Whisky did me proud by making the semi-final of the adult match, where he was beaten by the Doberman.

After the match we had a lovely 3 course meal.


This was Newton Abbots puppy representative, the Gordon Setter

The puppy match semi-final

The puppy match final


Whisky in his first round heat against the Alaskan Malamute



The Doberman who went on to Best in Match


Best in Match, the Doberman, Reserve Best in Match, the Australian Shepherd dog and Best puppy, the American Cocker


Manchester Championship Show 18.01.09

Yesterday we attended this show held at the County Showground, Stafford. Our judge was Mr Jeff Horsewell.

There were no CC's on offer for cockers but there was an entry of 65 nonetheless.

Whisky won the Post graduate dog class and Grace was 2nd in Limit bitch.

Anne Webster had a great day winning best bitch with Sh Ch Asquanne's Ginelle JW and Reserve best bitch with Asquanne Generation Gap (ai) JW.

I had entered both Grace and Whisky into the Bannerdown Special Beginners stakes, judged by Liz Stannard.

Kate Siviter showed Grace whilst I handled Whisky. I was really pleased when Grace and Kate were awarded 2nd place in a class of 53!

The new style breeders stakes took place also. Each breed has the opportunity to enter a team on completion of the breed judging. Anne Webster's

team once again won through their heat and in the final group competition were awarded best gundog team overall.


Ilfracombe DCS 21.02.09

I attended this show held at the Matford centre, Exeter on Saturday. The cocker classes were well supported and I was delighted when

both Whisky and Grace won their respective classes. Grace went on to win Best of Breed. Two of my friends were showing their puppies

as well,  Gary and Sophie (Rothmia Queen Sophie) was awarded Best puppy in breed at only her second show! My good friend Kim was awarded 3rd with

her young orange pup Amber (Maid to Believe). Unfortunately, I had plans to attend a Bond themed party in Plymouth in the evening and was worried about missing

the group competition. Fortunately, my friend Gary Green came to the rescue and showed Grace and was awarded second overall in the gundog group. Go Gary!!

He then went in the puppy group with Sophie and was awarded 3rd overall! A great day all round for the cocker exhibitors!

21.03.09 Bristol Dog Club

This show was held up in Weston. There was a large entry of cockers and due to the classification of Puppy, graduate and open, both Grace

and Whisky were entered into the same class. There were 11 entries in the open class. My good friend Kimberley showed Grace whilst I showed

Whisky. I was delighted when Grace was placed first! Whisky showed really well but could only manage the VHC spot this time.

Kim then showed Grace in the challenge for Best of Breed but had to settle for Reserve Best of Breed. Nonetheless an excellent day!!

Devon County Show 2009

Whisky and Amber!!



Last Saturday for the firt time in quite a while I attended Exeter Canine Society. My best friend Kimberley did a superb job of showing Whisky and he got a creditable 2nd!!



Our friend Vanda in disguise ha ha!!!


Plymouth Canine Society

Whisky was entered into open dog at this local show. I was delighted when he won the class and went on to gain Reserve Best of Breed.



Cambourne and Redruth Canine Society

Both Whisky and Grace won their respective open dog and open bitch classes at this show. This was Grace's first show back after having her puppies and she was on good form. Grace went on to win Reserve Best of Breed!!



Exeter Limit Show

There was only one class of cockers at this show. Whisky won the class and went on to win Best of Breed. I was thrilled when he was also awarded second in the Gundog Group. My best friend Kim won 2nd in the cocker class with the lovely Zara.



Judge - Mr Mark Boswell (Marquell)

Whisky - 4th Post Grad dog

Phoebe - 4th Minor Puppy Bitch



Bristol Dog Club -  19.12.09

Phoebe was awarded 2nd in Puppy and Whisky won the open class and gained Best of Breed. Judge - Mrs V Everington

4.04.10 - St Agnes Canine Society

Judged by Mrs P Brigden, Whisky was awarded BOB and Grp 3. Phoebe was BPIB and G1.

11.04.10 - Bodmin Canine Society

Grace made a comeback to the showring after having a fair old rest after her maternal duties last year. She delighted me by winning RBOB. Phoebe was BPIB and PG1. The judge was Mrs Ward.






Taunton DCS

Judged by Gill Pearce-Gudger

This was Phoebe's last show as a puppy and I was delighted when she won a quality puppy class and went on to be Best Puppy in Breed. Grace and Whisky also won their classes and little Lois was 4th in Puppy.

Phoebe was then awarded PG3 by Mr M Howes (Medogold)

Royal Cornwall Show

A lovely hot day in Cornwall and a busy, interesting show to wander around!

Phoebe won her first class as a junior and Lois was 2nd as there was no puppy class at this show. Grace won Open Bitch and went on to be awarded BOB. Lois was BPIB.

The judge commented that Grace won on her overall balance, drive and maturity.

Exeter County Canine

Judge: Lucy Reader (Kaniboo)

From a quality entry, Lois won the puppy class, Phoebe won Junior and Grace won Open Bitch. Phoebe was awarded BOB and Lois BPIB.

The group judge was Mr C Woodward (Wadeson) and from a strong group of 19 gundogs, Phoebe was awarded G4. Lois won PG3.


Tonglwynais DCS

This was the first of 3 shows attended over this weekend and we got off to a great start. There was only one class for cockers unfortunately but we were delighted when Phoebe was awarded BOB and Lois BPIB and went on to get PG2!


Liskeard Premier Open Show

Today our breed judge was Mr Bill Bunce, he awarded Lois BPIB and Phoebe RBOB. Whisky had a good 2nd and Grace won the open bitch class. Grace also got 2nd in the Sh.CM stakes.

We also entered a team of cockers into the interclub team stakes:

We were representing Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club and our team consisted of:

Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM

Franaille Oceans

Totenkopf Rockin Robin with Gwbert Sh.CM

Rothmia Queen Sophia at Meloneras

There were 32 teams entered and 19 present and we won!!

Lois also got a nice 6th in the Puppy stakes


Evesham DCS

Judge: Glenda Johnson (Oakmeadows)

Lois 5th in puppy

Phoebe 1st in Junior and RBOB


The Cocker Spaniel Club Ch Sh

Judge: Miss J Darby (Classicway)

Lois shortlisted in a huge MPB class and Phoebe reserve in Special Yearling!



Dorset County Canine Society

A lovely show on a nice sunny day! Lois 2nd, Phoebe 1st, Whisky 2nd and Grace 4th in the breed, judged By Mrs R Barney

Phoebe won special beginners stakes and won 20 judged by J.Horsewell, and Grace, Whisky and Phoebe all won their respective AV gundog classes judged again by Mrs Barney


Summer Showing news

Whisky (Asquanne's Goldtein) has had a run of good luck recently being awarded BOB at 3 consecutive shows - Totnes DCS, North Devon Agricultural Society and Newton Abbott and South Devon Canine Society. He is now only 4 points off his Show Certificate of Merit! He was also awarded BIS at a companion show and won some lovely prizes and 50 prize money!

Grace (Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM) has also had some recent success. At the last two shows attended she has been awarded BOB. Those shows were Plymouth and District Canine Society and Cambourne Redruth DCS. At Newton Abbott canine society she won a huge open stakes and 50 prize money.

Phoebe (Franaille Oceans) won her classes at North Devon, Newton Abbott and Exeter Limit Show. At Newton Abbott she was also awarded RBOB and at Exeter Limit Show she went BOB and Group 2. At Bournemouth Champ show she was 3rd in both junior and yearling in excellent company under breed specialist Sheena Lill. At Richmond Champ Show, she was 4th in a strong junior bitch class under judge Mr Colin woodward (Wadeson). She has missed the last few shows due to being in season but will be back soon.

Lois has been awarded BP at most of the shows she has attended including Minehead, Totnes, Plymouth, Cambourne Redruth and Exeter Limiit. She has always had a group placing too which is an excellent achievement!  She qualified for Crufts at 8 months old at Paignton Champ Show under breed specialist Wilma Reid (Shanaz) where she was placed 3rd in MPB.At Bournemouth Championship show she was awarded VHC in a huge puppy stakes class and she was VHC again at Richmond Champ Show in Puppy Bitch.


Okehampton DCS

Our breed judge for the day was Mr M Bryant. He awarded Grace BOB and Lois BPIB. He then went on to award Grace Gundog Group 1. This in itself was a suprise considering Grace will be 7 in January and officially a veteran! After a long wait for judge Alan Bendelow to finish his group judging it was time for Best In Show. We were all delighted when Grace was declared Best In Show winning a stunning rosette, lovely trophy, a piece of Dartington Crystal and an invitation to the Top Dog Of Devon Competition.


Tavistock DCS

Phoebe (Franaille Oceans) was declared BOB, Group 1 and BIS. Such a fantastic achievement not ony to be declared as BIS two consecutive weeks but with a mother/daughter combination!

Marquell Mystique was BPIB.


Poole Canine Club

Whisky (Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille) was declared BOB and Group 1 under judge Caire Prangle. Subject to KC approval this also gives him his last few points for his show certificate of merit.


Midland Counties Ch.Sh.

Lois was shortlisted out of 19 down to 9 in puppy bitch but sadly went unplaced. Phoebe was VHC in junior out of 11. The judge was Liz Cartledge.


Romsey DCS

This show was judged by Mick Bond (Olibond)

Lois was 3rd in Puppy, Phoebe won Yearling, Whisky was 2nd in Post Graduate and Grace was 4th in Open


Torquay DCS

Lois 2nd in Special Yearling, Phoebe 1st in Graduate, Whisky 1st in Open Dog and Grace 1st in Open Bitch. Whisky was declared BOB and later won Gundog Group 4

Devon and Cornwall DCS (20.11.10)

Dogs judged by Mr John Gillespie (Lochranza)

Bitches judged by Mrs Ellen Harman (Ellgars)

Lois - 2nd in AOC Pupppy and 2nd in AC Puppy

Phoebe - 2nd Solid colour graduate and 2nd AC open bitch gaining her stud book number!

Grace - 1st Special Beginners bitch

Whisky - 1st special beginners dog

Both Grace and Whisky won a shine on coat sponsored by the butch judge worth 30 each!

Exonian DCS 4.12.10

Breed Judge: Joy Norris

Group Judge:  Bev Dummet (Almondsbury)

We decided due to ill health only to take Grace and Phoebe as the show was only 5 minutes down the road!

Both the breed and group judge were changed last minute due to the severe weather.

Breed: Phoebe and Grace both won their classes and Phoebe was BOB and Grace RBOB

Phoebe went on to win Group 1 and later 2nd in the open stakes winning 25

Bristol Dog Club (20.12.10)

Breed judge: Debbie Stansbury

Again due to severe weather our judge was a last minute change

Phoebe won Yearling and Lois was 2nd, Grace won open and Whisky was 2nd.

Phoebe was declared BOB

Weston Super Mare DCS (30.12.10)

Breed judge: Mr S Wilburg (Kanix)

Lois 1st in junior, Phoebe 1st in graduate, Whisky 1st in limit and Grace 1st in open.

Phoebe BOB and Grace RBOB

Taunton DCS (2.1.11)

Breed judge: David Alcorn

Lois 1st in junior, Phoebe 1st in graduate, Grace and Whsky 1st and 2nd in open.

Grace BOB


15th Jan - Yeovil DCS

Today the breed was judged by Mr Peter Pavey. There were only 3 classes for the breed, junior, graduate and open. Lois was placed 2nd in junior to Wend Cullens puppy who was later declared both BP and BOB. Phoebe won graduate and Whisky won open. Phoebe was declared RBOB.

Mrs Pam Blay judged the gundog veteran class. This was Grace's first time in veteran and she did me proud by winning best gundog veteran.


22nd January - Exeter County Canine Society

Today the breed was judged by Mrs Venturi-Rose. There were 4 cocker classes, junior, graduate, open dog and open bitch. Lois was reserve in a strong junior class, Phoebe won graduate, Whisky won open dog and Grace won open bitch. It was all hands on deck for handlers. Phoebe was playing up because her mum was in the ring but she was still awarded BOB. Whisky was declared RBOB.

Later on, Phoebe won a strong gundog group under the same judge.

Grace 2nd in gundog veteran and 4th in the open stakes.


Newton Abbott and South Devon Canine Society

Judge: Kelly Simmonds (Keladity)

Today our breed judge Kelly drew a really good cocker entry. Phoebe won Graduate, Whisky won Open Dog and Grace won Open Bitch. Phoebe went on to be awarded BOB. Lois couldn't be shown due to being in season!




West of England Cocker Spaniel Club

Judge: Barbara Critchley (Whipspan)

Grace 2nd in Veteran but I was really pleased when she said she was only beaten as the first place was 10 and Grace was only just 7!

Phoebe won Undergraduate and Whisky was 2nd in open dog.

We came away with a bag of Royal Canin so we were pretty happy!



Tiverton Limit Show

Grace won AV Veteran 7-10 Years and went Best Veteran in Show.

Phoebe was 2nd in AV Spaniel

5.03.11 - South Wales and Mon Ch Sh

Today we only entered Grace in Veteran and Lois in Junior and Yearling. The judge for the day was Mrs Linda Crowley (Ashalon)

Grace was reserve in veteran and sadly Lois went unplaced in tough competition.


CRUFTS - 10.03.11

We had a really succesful year at Crufts and it was made better by my dad and Godmother being there to see it!

Grace was placed 4th in veteran bitch and VHC in Good Citizens bitch.

Phoebe was VHC in Yearling Bitch

Lois was unplaced in Junior bitch

Whisky was shortlisted but unplaced in mid limit dog




19.03.11 - Torquay DCS

Today I was judging in Scotland and so Liam showed the dogs at this local show held at Exeter Livestock Centre. Phoebe was 1st in Special Yearling, Whisky was 1st in open dog and Grace was 2nd in open bitch. Whisky went on to win BOB!

Grace was later shown in a large Gundog Veteran class where she was placed 3rd. Well done Liam and doggies!!

27.03.11 - Bridgwater DCS

For some reason at this show, my entry seemed to have gone astray but Kimberleys entry for Lois had fortunately been received safely. There were only 3 classes on offer for the breed today, all of which were very well supported with 7 and 8 dogs per class. Lois was in graduate and won the class. She was declared RBOB to Ian Hilliers Open Bitch winner whom Lois gave way to on maturity.

2.4.11 - Exonian DCS

Our judge today was Miss Lauren Vincent (Rosslake). Lois won Junior, Phoebe won Graduate and Whisky and Grace were 2nd in open dog and open bitch respectively. BOB went to Chris Pearns veteran Brelade Miss Terious.

3.4.11 - St Agnes DCS

All of the veteran classes were judged before any of the breed classes today. I was delighted when Grace won Best Gundog Veteran. We then had to make a swift retreat to the BIS ring where Best Veteran in show was to be judged. I was over the moon when Grace was pulled out as Best Veteran in Show, with the Afghan Hound going reserve.

In the meantime, breed judging had commenced and Lois had won Cocker Junior. Kimberley had to take a very hyperactive Phoebe into the graduate class and I'm told she was extremely naughty (ha ha  - hard to believe!!) and she was placed 2nd. I made it back to the ring just in time for Post Graduate with Whisky who was 2nd. Grace then won the open class and BOB.

Later in the day she was placed 2nd in the gundog group, beaten by the pointer. What a fantastic day!!

10.4.11 - Bodmin DCS

I think I had a blonde moment when the schedules came out for this show as I forgot to enter (oops!!) Lois won Junior but unfortunately was beaten for BOB by Chris and Juliet Tretheways golden bitch Penbuff Star Dancer

16.4.11 - South West Gundog

Martin Sanders judged the breed today and awarded BOB to Mike Masters who later went on to win BIS.

Whisky won Post Graduate Dog and was declared Reserve Best Dog. Lois and Phoebe were both 2nd in their classes to Mike Masters. Grace was not shown due to being in season so is consequently on her "holidays" at Liams parents house.

17.04.11 - St Austell DCS

Today Penny Gowland (Remington) judged the gundog group. Kimberley was on a stewarding seminar so Liam accompanied me to the show.

The day didn't start particularly well with Whisky being stung and his face flaring up, but on veterinary advice he should be ok, but for obvious reasons I withdrew him from competition.

Phoebe and Lois were in the same class (Graduate) and Phoebe was 1st and Lois 3rd.

Phoebe went on to win BOB and Gundog Group 1!!!


Devon and Cornwall Cocker Club

Judge: David Bowers (Tudormist)

This was a friendly, well supported show.

Grace (Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM) went Best Veteran in Show

Whisky (Asquanne's Goldstein) won his class

Phoebe (Franaille Oceans) was 2nd in solid colour graduate and 1st in bred by exhibitor

Lois (Marquell Mystique) was 1st in debutante and 4th in not bred by exhibitor


Phoebe was declared  Devon and Cornwalls Cocker of the Year 2010/11 and Lois Puppy of the Year.

So very proud!!



July 2011

The Cocker Spaniel Club Champ Show

Today dogs were judged by Mr Phil Young (Canyonn) and bitches by Michael Masters (Manchela). We decided to only enter one dog, so took Whisky (Asquanne's Goldstein) for his first run out as a veteran. Despite looking great and performing well, in a class with so many quality dogs, we went home cardless but still thoroughly enjoyed our day!

Our travelling companion was Sally Ellison (Withiflor) who had a superb day gaining the bitch CC with her golden Canigou bitch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor. This was her first CC after gaining 3 RCC's previously. To top off winning the CC she was then declared BIS on the referees decision. Well done Sally!

Minehead DCS

This was a lovely outdoor show held in the grounds of Dunster Castle. The weather was beautiful and hot too! The judge for cocker spaniels was Mr Ian Sparham (Chianja) who has American Cockers. He awarded Lois a nice 3rd in graduate and Grace and Whisky won open dog and bitch respectively. Grace went on to be awarded BOB. Unfortunately, despite being shortlisted in a strong group under Andrew Brace, she went unplaced as I think the heat had got to her and she had started to "flag". Whisky won a nice 2nd under the group judge in Gundog Veteran.

There was also another celebration in that it was Shelagh Webbs birthday so we all chipped in bringing some party food and had a birthday bash to celebrate.

Dorset County

This was a nice little show held at Weymouth Community and sports college. The judge for most of the gundogs was Mr R Sadler. The day started off with the veterans and I was delighted that Grace was awarded best Gundog Veteran.

Later in the breed, Lois won yearling and Whisky won open and went on to be awarded BOB and later Gundog group 4.

At the end of a long day Grace went in for BVIS and showed like an absolute dream (think she wanted to go home!) and was declared overall BVIS!!

August 2011

Paignton Ch Sh

Only Lois and Grace were entered for this one. Lois was entered in the breed under Michelle Meredith and Grace in the veteran stakes under Mr G Davis. Lois went unplaced in the breed but Grace won an excellent second in the veteran stakes, only beaten by a champion Lhasa Apso with 19 CC's!


North Devon Agricultural Society

This show was held on another sunny day (Lucky for us!) Our breed judge was Fiona Watson (Durandabell) Lois was 2nd in graduate and Grace and Whisky were 2nd and 3rd in open.

Grace went on to win best Gundog Veteran.

National Gundog Ch Sh

Dogs: Mrs E Gates     Bitches: Mrs J Craig

This was a bizarre show as we had two judges for our breed, yet both sexes started at 9:30! So as Grace and Whisky were both in Veteran, the first class of the day, Kim took in Grace and I took Whisky. Whisky was awarded 1st in veteran dog and Grace 2nd in Veteran Bitch.

Lois was in Yearling and put on a good show but went unplaced.

Grace was also entered into the veteran stakes where she was placed 5th in a really good class and the judge was very complimentary of her as she had judged her previously.




Shows 2012

We have attended quite a few shows during the first few months of 2012. Some of our most memorable were: South Wales and Monmouth Cocker Spaniel Club Championship show where Whisky and Grace were both placed 2nd in their respective veteran classes, beaten only by champions!

Grace was Best Veteran in Show at Gloucester DCS and Bristol Dog Club.

Phoebe has had a few nice BOB awards including Gloucester DCS, Bristol Dog club where she was also group 3, RBOB at Plymouth and Ilfracombe canine societies.

All dogs won their classes at Exonian DCS and Lois was BOB and group 4.


At CRUFTS, Whisky did us all prud by being placed 2nd in a strong veteran dog class, beaten by his relative, Sh Ch Asquanne's Granite to Ellgars JW. The girls flew the flag for Franaille but unfortunately were not to the judges taste, still a good day out was had by all!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy