New photo's of Ruby 'Franaille Hollywood' and Cookie 'Franaille Connotations' added 11/05/08

Grace and her babies are doing well, here they are at 6 days old (Taken 27/01/08)


Enjoying the milk bar



New Pics added here 02/02/08

Nearly all of the pups have opened their eyes and are stumbling around the box now finding their feet!

Puppies are now 12 days old




19 days now and starting to sample solid food......well almost......They prefer to get it all over them as you can see!







Puppies seen here at 26 days. Some are looking rather crusty from their porridge!






Here's a few mug shots of some of the puppies playing at 30 days old.................lets not forget sleeping too! Zzzzzzzzz




Meet the golden brigade!




Here they are at almost 6 weeks...aren't they growing up!


Dinner time!


And...............Snooze time!



A cheeky chappie!


Nearly 7 weeks old now...soon time to fly the nest!


     This little fella just woke up, he's still half asleep!




Puppies almost 8 weeks old and ready to meet and greet their new families later in the week




Exploring in the garden.............How exciting!






Franaille Connotations, better known as 'Cookie' went to live with the Parry family in Cheshire and is settling in really well!





Enjoying the snow in the garden!



Here is my little boy Franaille Enigma, or Reuben as he's known to us!

Motherly love.....................arrrrrrrrrrr



Franaille Montage, 'Harvey' went off to live with the Lockyer family in Bristol. Here he is enjoying his new family and his new big brother 'Alfie'.




Harvey and Alfie seem to be getting on great!

Updated 31/03/08


Photo's added 01/04/08

'Woody' (Franaille Kaleidoscope) went to live in Bristol with the Lipiec family


Here are some new pics of Cookie (Franaille Connotations). He looks like he is having loads of fun!



Franaille Hollywood 'Bonnie'


And her partner in crime.............'Reuben' (Franaille Enigma)




Reuben had his first experience of ring craft on Tuesday evening. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the other dogs and was so excited he kept squeaking!!

These pics were actually taken at home (unfortunately the sun has got in on a couple of them!)



Sorry they are all pretty similar, I couldn't decide which I liked best so I decided to put them all on!


Playing in the garden "It's my stick!"




   "Where's my brother gone?"

     Watch out here comes dad!




Here's the lovely Grace and her..............."Rubber ducky!"




Harvey looks to have settled in great with the Lockyers!




Cookie enjoyed a day at Macclesfield park with the Parry's



Franaille Masquerade, better known as Ollie lives with Neil's parents and sister in Tiverton.

He enjoys having his playmate Reuben coming to visit!




Ollie came round for a trim today, doesn't he look smart! 



This is Reuben with Steve (Neil's dad) chilling out after running the Great West Run!



Ruby 'Franaille Hollywood'



Cookie enjoying the mud - he appears to have taken after his mum!!