Meet the rest of the gang

Here is a small selection of photo's of Franaille's other dogs, most of whom reside with my dad and brother in the Midlands where they are spoilt rotten!

Asquanne's Gopenge (Josh)

Winner of numerous awards including several Best in Show - Now running free at Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace my special boy.

Rayol Ambition (Millie)

Millie is definately daddies little girl!

Jozelah Centre Fold (Ellie)

Ellie is demonstrating my special 'everything must go' haircut! 18.10.00 - 01.01.12

Flint and Ellie posing for the camera........"Smile"

Had to include this picture of Grace all dressed up for christmas! HO HO HO!

This is Grace and Sonny (Annashon Golden Memory)

Grace, Whisky and Josh (The Asquanne squad)

Millie, Grace, Josh and Whisky

This is my favourite photo (believe me it's not often you can get 4 crazy cocker spaniels to sit still for a photo!)