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***UPDATED April 2012 -  Scroll down to view critiques from shows attended throughout this year!!***

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Blackpool Championship Show 21/06/08

Report by Mr Colin Woodward

Mid Limit Bitch

1st Bowman's Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Lovely bitch from any angle, lovely head, good neck

and topline, depth and ribs. Well boned with good legs and feet. In good hard condition, very well presented.

Moved soundly keeping her shape


Taunton Premier Open Show 28/05/08

Report by Mrs Joy Norris

Limit Dog

1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Red dog, melting expression. Good neck and shoulders and a well developed body.

Open Bitch

1st Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Lovely head and expression. Balanced with good outline both stacked and on the move.

Good neck and shoulders with matching turn of stifle. Moved well, nicely presented, BOB.


The Cocker Spaniel Club Championship show 13/07/08

Report by Mrs Marjorie Coar

Special Beginners

1st Asquannes Grania With Franaille JW Sh.CM Short coupled compact black in good coat. Sweet head, good hind angulation.

Good length of upper arm and short back.


Paignton Champ show 6/08/08

Report by Mrs Pam Blay

Post Grad Dog

1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Gold balanced boy with a good coat. Nice make and shape, masculine head and expression with a good eye

and well set ears. Lovely topline held on the move and a well set and carried tail. Loved his hind quarters and forechest.

Good strong loin.


Exeter County Canine Society 14/06/08

Report by Mr David Alcorn

Open Bitch

1st Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Stunning, elegant black bitch who stood away here. Typical outline as one would expect from this kennel

and in first class order by her competant handler. She never stopped showing throughout the class and in the challenge for BOB could not

be denied. Pretty head, feminine but not too fine. Well set ears and lovely eye. Clean, lengthy neck to the best of fronts, well developed

forechest and ribbing. Level topline and strong over the loin. Very well angulated quarters to complement her front construction with good width of

second thigh. Drove from short rear pasterns with a merry air. Delightful, BOB.


Newton Abbot Canine Society 23/08/08

Report by Viv Bowen

Post Graduate

1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Compact dog with a good head and length of neck. Well laid shoulders,

deep chest, nice bone and tight feet. Moved OK.


Darlington Championship dog show

Report by Mr George Parker (Weyhill)

Post graduate dog

1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Red, I haven't seen for some time. Maturing well, good overall shape,

pleasing balanced head, good neck and shoulders, short well ribbed body. Good rear angulation, well presented

in good coat. Moved soundly and happily.


Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show 22.11.08

Report by Mrs Judith Craig (Alisma)

Special Beginners bitch

1st Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Lovely head with good neck and shoulders. Lovely feet.

Good, well sprung ribs. In good hard condition. Well presented.


Manchester Championship Show 18.01.09

Report by Jeff Horsewell

Post Graduate dog

1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Very typy. Moved true, if a bit lacking in length of stride.

Very good head. Lengthy neck, big ribs, firm in topline. Very well balanced.

Limit Bitch

2nd Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Very typy, feminine in head, good neck, level topline.

Good front, well set tail, good rear. Close up, just not the front of 1.


We were also in Anne Webster's breeders stakes team who won the gundog group overall. These were the judges comments:

Report by Stephen Hollings

Breeders Gundog

An excellent innovation to present the breeder stakes in this format. I had a full ring, impressive.

The winners were Webster's Cockers. These matched blacks were like peas in a pod and had quality in abundance.

Delighted to reward this clever breeder.


04.01.09 Taunton DCS

Report by Miss Hannah Platt (Charbonnel)

Open Dog

1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Excellent strong head, dark eyes, well laid back shoulders and good angulation giving good length of stride.

Good bone, tight padded feet, sturdy compact body, good spring of rib, rounded well muscled backend. Good bend

of stifle. Moved fluently and well presented.



Report by Anja Puumala

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

3rd Asquanne's Grania With Franaille JW Sh.CM. Beautiful headed and excellent bodied black bitch.

Very well angulated, excellent mover.

Ilfracombe DCS

Report by Sue Bryant

Post graduate

1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Balanced, masculine compact golden dog. Beautiful head and dark eye.

Well laid shoulders and muscular neck. Good bend of stifle. Well presented in full coat and moved with drive


1st Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Quality balanced black. Feminine head, dark eyes

and gentle expression. In every way a true cocker. Well placed neck and shoulders. Short compact body.

Well boned legs and a good bend of stifle enabling her to cover the ground effortlessly. Her well

presented full coat completed the picture. Best of Breed and Gundog Group 2.


Taunton DCS

Report by Mrs Sandy Plat (Charbonnel)

AV Gundog open

1st - Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Red dog with good outline, balanced head with clean, open expression.

Good set on of neck. Short in back with good angles. Moved well with impulsion. Well handled.

2nd 0 Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM


Plymouth DCS

Report by Jonathan Daltrey

Cocker Open Dog

1st - Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Well presented dog. Very masculine head. Really balanced outline.

Good hard topline. Just wasn't happy on the move and only just managed to get his tail up.

Open Bitch

1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Alone but a quality bitch. Her outline is textbook. Very happy, merry

mover with good muscletone and real driving action. RBOB


CRUFTS Breeders Stakes Final Photos


Plymouth DCS - 13.02.2010

Featured in dog world 12.03.2010

Judge- Michelle Lockwood

Cocker Puppy

Bowman's Franaille Oceans. Promising black bitch of 8 months. Very pretty head with a kind dark eye and good dentition. Well boned legs standing on neat feet. Good reach of neck into fine sloping shoulders and equally pleasing rear angulation. Nicely presented coat. Moved with confidence and enthusiasm, using her tail to good advantage. Loved her attitude for one so young. BOB, BP, PG2

Ilfracombe DCS - 20.02.2010

Judge - Elwyn Evans

Cocker puppy

Bowman's Franaille Oceans. Attractive black bitch. Pleasing head and expression. Ears set low. Muscular neck into fine sloping shoulders. Compact body, well rounded hindquarters, moved soundly. BP, PG4

28.03.10 - Bridgwater DCS

Judge: Anne Nugent

Judges comments

" I had some good quality dogs. All were a credit to their owners and in good, clean condition"

Puppy - Franaille Oceans - Black bitch, beautiful head, nice tight feet, well bodied, nice backend, moved well. Still needs to mature a little. BP

Post Grad - Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. First class golden, most appealing head and expression. Very well balanced. Good bone and substance. Kept his firm, level topline on the move. Nice short back. Square when stood. Moved with drive, really showed he was enjoying his day with wagging tail. BOB


Exonian DCS - 03.04.10

Judge: Jane Lilley

Cocker Puppy - 1st - Franaille Oceans

Quite lovely black bitch, well balanced, superbly made all through. Good forechest, layback of shoulder and hind angulation. well shaped head, dark expressive eye and good finish to foreface. Strong compact body, level spring of rib and well rounded quarters. strong, well padded feet. Best of coat and condition. Moved to match the excellence of her conformation. Good length of stride in profile. Most exciting. BP, PG3

St Agnes - 04.04.10

Judge: Pat Brigden

Cocker Puppy - 1st - Franaille Oceans

Pretty black bitch with gorgeous head. Lovely conformation, good ribs, moved well. BP, PG1

Cocker Open - 1st - Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille

Beautiful mature dog in full coat. Very good ribs and stifle. Excellent powerful mover. BOB, G3


Bodmin DCS

Cocker Puppy - 1st - Franaille Oceans

10 months black puppy bitch. Very promising and of good quality. Lovely head and dark eye with sweet expression. Strong bone and tight compact feet. Elegant neck. Correct shoulder placement. Well ribbed. Good hindquarters. In excellent coat and condition. Moved very well in typical style. BP, PG1

Open Bitch - 1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM

At nearly 7 years, this black bitch is still in fantastic condition. Sweet feminine head. Good straight front. Quality bone, compact and cobby. Well ribbed, completely balanced throughout. Very sound, typical movement. Dam to my puppy winner. RBOB

Devon and Cornwall Cocker Club Open Show 01.05.10

Judge: Denise Fox (Casteana)

Solid Puppy

1st: Franaille Oceans - Black bitch, sweet head and melting expression. Correct topline and layback of shoulder. Lovely legs and feet, well proportioned body. Just needs a little more substance which I'm sure will come with age. Moved well.

Solid Open

1st: Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - Pretty black bitch, dark tight eye, good neck, shoulders, bone and feet. Deep, well sprung ribs. Sound mover from well muscled quarters.

Any colour Post Grad

1st: Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille -  Handsome Gold dog, lovely balanced head, good shape eye, super neck and shoulder placement, short in back, nice rounded quarters with good width of thigh. Well coated in good condition. Presented and handled well. Moved soundly.

Bath Ch Show

Puppy Stakes - Judge: Graham Hill

2nd: Franaille Oceans - 11 months quality cocker. Tip top coat and condition. Pleasing balanced profile. Firm level topline, head and expression I liked. Moved free and purposefully. Needs to settle a little in front.

Devon County 22.05.10

Judge: Les Forfar (Glasedin)

PGD - 1st - Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille. Mature gold, masculine head and expression. Good neck and shoulders, Big ribbed. Short coupled body. Stands on well boned legs and feet. Moved soundly.

PB - 1st - Franaille Oceans. Black bitch of 11 months. Feminine head and expression. Good neck and shoulders. Big ribbed body for age. Good legs and feet. Well developed quarters, moved well in the heat. BPIB

OB - 1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Balanced black of good size and proportions. Typical head and expression. Correct length of neck with well laid shoulders. Big ribbed, short coupled body. Moved soundly in good coat and condition. BOB

Exeter County Canine Society 19.06.10

Judge: Lucy Reader (Kaniboo)

Puppy - 1st - Dare's Marquell Mystique. Sweet 6 and a half months blue bitch, took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Lovely outline, ample reach of neck, leading into well placed shoulders. Very short and cobby with ample spring of rib, moved well once settled. Well presented. Delighted to see her go on to take third in the Gundog puppy group, well done.

Junior - 1st - Bowman's - Franaille Oceans. Beautiful black bitch. Another exhibit whose elegant outline caught my eye on her entrance to the ring. Lovely head, ample bone, good reach of neck, excellent angulations throughout. Correct topline on the move with excellent tail carriage. Moved with drive. BOB and later went on to take 4th in a very large, top quality gundog group, well done.

Open Bitch - 1st - Bowman's Asquanne's Grania With Franaille JW Sh.CM. Black bitch with a beautiful head. Good bone, ample reach of neck. Very short and compact with good spring of rib. Moved with drive.

Liskeard - 11.07.10

Team stakes

Winners - Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club

What a fantastic sight - 31 teams taking up half of the venue. Each team consisted of 3 or 4 dogs and they showed to perfection. This was a very difficult event to judge as the standard was so high.

1st - Devon and Cornwall CSC - 4 black cockers handled to perfection by their handlers who were dressed to compliment their dogs.

Judge: Moira Barass

Cockers - Judge Bill Bunce

Puppy 1st - Dare's Marquell Mystique - This delightful young roan bitch was probably my find of the day. Perfectly shaped skull with the sweetest of expressions. Biddable eye and exact dentition, so well balanced throughout and developing nicely in bone and musclature. Moved with straight effortless action from well placed hocks and the neatest of feet. So well prepared and presented. She is one to watch without a doubt.

Junior 1st - Franaille Oceans - Young black bitch of good quality throughout. Good shape of skull and enthusiastic expression, clean reach of neck leading to good spring of ribcage, moved well and true on tight feet. RBOB.

Open 1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - 6 years black dog in excellent overall condition. Well balanced between front and rear assemblies. Moved striaght and true if perhaps a touch sluggish on this hot day.


Cambourne and Redruth CS

Junior - 1st - Dares Marquell Mystique - Caompact 10 months bitch with a pleasing feminine head. Good spring of rib and in good coat and condition. BP

Open - 1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - Filled the eye as she entered the ring. Balanced throughout and typical merry tail action on the move. Strong shoulders and very god turn of stifle led to workmanlike movement. BOB

Judge: Brian Shears


Okehampton DCS

Cockers - Judge: Mel Bryant

Open - 1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. A truly merry cocker spaniel. Good weatherproof, dense, straight coat. Lovely head displaying good breed standard traits. well balanced, constructed body, standing on deep padded compact feet. Superb ring presence, stole my eye in overal type, presence and movement. Went on to be awarded top honours in group 1 under me.

Newton Abbot and South Devon 28.08.10

Open stakes - Judge: Sue Almey

1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. A super class of lovely dogs, a real joy to judge. Eight placed at this generous show all with prize money.

Delightful black cocker bitch who just stood out for me. Beautiful head with sweet expression, short compact body, excellent bone and feet, still having a string, level topline at nearly 7 yrs of age. Moved well with happy, merry, wagging tail. So typical of this lovely breed.

Totnes DCS  - 1.08.10

Cockers - Judge: Karen Marsh

Novice 1st - Marquell Mystique - 8 month old puppy bitch, well up to size for her age. Pretty head with good definition and lovely dark eyes. Coat coming in. Steady hapy mover, holding topline on the move. BP, PG4

Open - 1st - Asquannes Goldstein at Franaille. 6 yr old male with handsome head, low set ears and melting expression. Corect angulation front and rear, and exhibiting good forechest and depth. Strong hocks providing powerful movement which gave him BOB.


Plymouth DCS (Nicola Calvert)

Cocker Puppy - Dare's Marqell Mystique. Now seeing the how this little bitch is bred I realise why she appeals so much, mid blue with lovely feminine head, balanced skull and good eye, well assembled all through, moved well. BP, PG3.

Open - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Neat and sweet 6 1/2 years, I really fell for this tidy compact bitch, sweetest of expressions, balanced feminine head, good eye, well set ears, strong slightly arched neck which flowed from skull to shoulder, mature deep body, well developed quarters used on the move to good effect, happy girl, BOB.

Okehampton DCS

BIS judges critique - Okehampton CS held an open show where BIS was the cocker, Asquanne's Grania with Franaille, in top coat and condition with a gleam on coat, excellent head balance, dark pigmentation, well set body, no need to set, always weighs with me when need to stack, I don't like it, couldn't fault movement or close liason with handler, a perfect pairing to top award.

Cocker critique - Bowman's Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Truly merry cocker, good weatherproof, dense straight coat, lovely head displaying good standard traits. Well balanced, constructed body, standing on deep padded compact feet, superb ring presence, stole my eye in overall type, presence and movement, BOB, G1.


Tavistock DCS (Caroline Robinson)

BIS critique - Bwman's Franaille Oceans. Black cocker junior bitch of great quality, the most melting expression, with lovely chiselled head, excellent flu leading into elegant neck and superb shoulder placement, short and deep with well let down hocks which she used to advantage on the move, a worthy BIS winner.


Torquay DCS (Cheryl Bawden)

Cocker Spaniels

Graduate - Franaille Oceans - A very smart black bitch presented in excellent coat and condition. I don't normally like to use the term "Cockery" but this sums her up! Moved with style.

Open dog - Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - Another excellent example of the breed who was presented in fine order. Beautifully chiselled head with required gentle expression. Super length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Strong, compact body and muscular rear end. On the move he was the merry cocker personified. BOB G4

Open Bitch - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - Yet another super cocker from this exhibitor. A mature black bitch in excellent coat and condition. Lovely bone, well ribbed with correct tailset. Moved with style maintaining her excellent outline and shape at all times.

Poole DCS

Cocker Spaniels and Group judge critique

Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - My star of the day, superb mature dog who oozed quality throughout and in tip top condition, and handled to perfection. Possessed a lovely balanced head, showing a gentle expression, good muscular neck which led smoothly into a strong but compact body. Excellent quarters with good muscletone. Loved the bone and feel of this dog you just knew he would be a good mover and did not dissappoint. It was superb and stylish ground covering movement showing great drive and panache which he kept up to take BOB and Gundog Group 1.

Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club


Dogs - Mr John Gillespie (Lochranza)

Special Beginners - 1st Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - Very neat, short compact red dog, lovely neck and shoulders, moved well.

West of England Cocker Spaniel Club - October 2011 - Judge: Tracy Herd (Quintavia)

AOC Puppy

2nd - Marquell Mystique - Blue bitch of good overall type, sweet head and expression, well placed shoulders, short body, neat feet, moved happily.

Open Bitch

1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - Black bitch of nearly 7 years, lovely head with sweet expression, good legs and feet, deep chest, short big ribbed body. In good coat and condition.


Cornwall Gundog

Judge: David Bell


1st: Marquell Mystique - Sweet head, kind expression, good front angulation, well ribbed, well padded feet, lacked a little hind angulation.

Open Bitch

2nd: Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM


Taunton DCS - 2nd Jan 2011

Judge: David Alcorn



1st: Marquell Mystique - Smaller built bitch, needing time to body up and come together, sweet feminine head and kindly expression. Well balanced all through and coat coming in nicely to compliment the picture.


1st: Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - Very smart shaped black with a good outline. Not my favourite head in the world but nice enough expression. Strong neck leading on to well angled forehand. Excellent ribbing and short loin, balanced in hind angles which produced an effective ground covering action. Well handled.


1st: Asquanne's Grania with Franaille Jw Sh.CM - Adored this bitch who is the complete package of type, balance, condition and soundness. The best of heads with swett expression frojm dark eyes, low set ears, strong neck and the best of shoulders with complimentary return of upper arm. Super ribbing extending well back. Complimentary balance of hind quarter angulation which produced an effortless drive from the rear on the move. Not surprised to hear after I had given her BOB a few years ago. Absolutely delightful and presented and handled superbly. BOB.

2nd: Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM -  Close up to winner.


April 2011

St Agnes CA - 3.4.11

Grace - Best Veteran In Show

Looking in tip top condition, lovely, balanced throughout with sound, positive movement. Presented to perfection.

St Austell DCS


Cocker Graduate

1st - Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - Beautiful preperation and presentation created just a lovely picture of this well made young black bitch. Lovely balance and beautifully feminine with a well proportioned head and kind eye, framed beautifully by her lashes. Clean neck of good length into well fine laid shoulders. Well angulated upper arm with a nice forechest, short level back and a nicely sprung rib. Well bent quarters which she used to drive on the move. Was pleased to award her BOB and Gundog Group 1.


South Western Gundog Club

Cocker Post Graduate Dog

1st - Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - Golden up to size. Pleasing head, good reach of neck, good shoulder placement, nice outline. Moved with drive from well angulated and muscled quarters. In good coat, nicely presented. Reserve Best Dog.


May 2011

South Wales and Mon Cocker Club Open Show

Judge - Ann Nugent

AOC - Junior

1st - Marquell Mystique - Blue roan bitch, lovely head and expression, nice neck and shoulders. Moved well. Shame she has lost some of her coat.

Solid colour Graduate

2nd - Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - Very pretty black bitch , very well presented in good coat and condition. Good neck and shoulders on to a level topline. Moved well.

Any Colour Veteran

1st and BVIS - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - 7 year old black bitch not showing her age at all, shown in top condition as always from this kennel. Nice head and most gentle expression. Lovely feet, good ribs and body. Moved well.


June 2011

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association - 9.6.11

Cocker Open bitch

1st - Asquannes Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - Pretty bitch, lovely kind eye and good earset. Strong compact body with good depth. Good bone and feet. Moved with drive from strong rear in good coat.

July 2011

Liskeard Premier Open show - 10.07.11

Cocker Spaniel Limit

1st - Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - Pretty headed black, good neck into well placed shoulders, good body and well muscled rear. BOB.

Open Dog

1st - Asquannes Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - Red dog in lovely condition, good head, front OK, held his outline at all times.

Open Bitch

1st - Asquannes Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - Belies her age, good head and neck, well made rear and moved out showing that true merry cocker movement. RBOB


Minehead DCS - 27.7.11

Judge: Ian Sparham

Cocker Open dog

1st - Asquannes Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - 7 year old gold dog prepared and presented to a very high standard. Handsome masculine head with soft, kindly eye and good ear set.Strong reachy neck into well laid shoulders. Well angulated front, deep in rib with good forechest. Strong in loin, moved out purposefully with good reach and drive.

Open Bitch

1st - Asquannes Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - 7 year old black bitch with delightful feminine expression, with excellent dentition, eye, ear set and well cushioned flews. Good forechest, breadth and depth of rib. Sound front angulation and well set under, close coupled with well let down rear angulation, delivering ground covering reach and drive. BOB


August 2011

Paignton Champ Show

Veteran Stakes - Geoffery Davies

2nd - Asquannes Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - Black cocker of perfect size and build. Moved in a sound, typical fashion and is maintained in the most fabulous condition.


National Gundog - 6.08.11

Cocker Bitches - Judge: Judith Craig

Veteran - 2nd - Asquannes Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - 7 year old black bitch in fabulous coat and condition. Sweet feminine head. Lovely feet, went well.


2012 reports (with the exception of the first one which is actually from April 2011!

St Agnes - 3/4/11

Veteran (13) What a great class to start my day with. it was lovely to see so many fit and happy oldies, they were all a credit to their owners. 1st - Bowman's Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Very merry black cocker with lots of attitude. Feminine bitch with a pretty head, lots of chiselling, dark eye and cheeky expression. Clean neck into well placed shoulders, deep in chest with plenty of back rib, well angulated stifles, enough bone for her size. Strode out well, showing true cocker movement. BVIS


Junior 1st - Marquell Mystique. Blue bitch with a lovely flowing outline, pretty head with a kind eye and low set ears. Balanced angulation. Good rib and firm topline kept on the move, showing reach and drive.

Open 1st - Asquanne's Grania with Franaille. My Veteran winner showing she can hold her own in breed classes as well. BOB, Grp 2.

Carol Moore (Judge)


The cocker, Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM. Looking in tip top condition, lovely balanced throughout, sound positive movement, presented to perfection.

I. Blackshaw (Judge)


Ilfracombe DCS

Judge: Richard Stafford


Graduate 1st: Marquell Mystique - Ultra feminine bitch with correct head proportions and pleasing eye shape. Would have preferred a little more substance. Typical outline and stands on good legs and feet. Presented and moved out very well.

Post Grad 1st: Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - Black bitch of pleasing type and overall balance. Very feminine head and expression, clean neck and shoulders, held her topline standing and on the move, carrying just the right amount of weight, super rear quarters and action. Put down and shown in excellent condition. RBOB.


Plymouth DCS 11.2.12

Judge: Angela Morgan


Graduate 1st: Marquell Mystique - This 2 year old bitch stood out for me in this class, she is a delight to handle with her very pretty cocker head, such a cute look at me expression. Low set ears, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, good in chest and well bodied, pleasing topline and strong quarters with good bend of stifle, all in a neat,compact package. She moved merrily and well demanding attention around the ring. Right up my street. BOB

Open 1st: Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - 2 years black bitch. Pretty head and most delightful eye, those lashes won me over! Good straight front, well boned tight feet. Reachy neck into well laid shoulders, short coupled and swee of stifle, moved merrily and with drive RBOB


Gloucester DCS 26.2.12


Post Grad 1st: Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - 7 year old red dog, very sound moving, nice shape head, correct neck and shoulders, in very good coat and condition, well handled RBOB.

Open 1st: Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - 2 year old bitch moved soundly keeping her topline on the move. Good neck and shoulders, correct bend of stifle, in good coat and condition, well handled. BOB


1st: Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - 8 year old bitch, nice type, lovely head and expression, moved soundly, well handled. BVIS


CRUFTS - March 2012

Judge: Alan Curry

Cocker Dogs


2nd: Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM. Red, presents a balanced picture, good head and reach of neck, short, deep body, moved out well.


Bristol Dog Club 17/3/12

Judge for cockers: Noelene Dodd

Post Grad 1st: Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh.CM - Golden male who is nearly 8. Lovely head, well made front and back, good rib and topline, moved well.

2nd: Marquell Mystique

Open 1st: Franaille Oceans Sh.CM - Black bitch of excellent quality, very pretty head, stands foursquare on good feet. Wonderful ribs, lots of heartroom, level topline, moved well. BOB, Grp 3

Veteran judge: Julie Brown

7-9 yrs 1st: Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW Sh.CM - 8 1/2 years black cocker bitch, beautiful head, lovely dark expressive eyes, good strong front, correct layback of shoulder, short strong back, strong quarters. Moved so well and still with keenness. BVIS