Professional Photo's

02.01.12 - Updated - Photo of Grace and Whisky taken by Louise Tope at the Top Dog of Devon event 2011. Scroll down to view

16.08.11 - Newton Abbott and South Devon Canine Summer match

Photos taken by Debbie Fuller (Dartmoor Animal Photographer) - Scroll down to view!

July 2011 - The Cocker Spaniel Club - By Shel Cowles


14.12.09 - I recently had some photos taken by my good friend Edd King of me,

Whisky and Phoebe and Kimberley and Zara - scroll down to view!!

On Saturday 23rd August 2008, I had some photo's of Grace and Whisky

taken professionally by Louise Tope

Louise has edited me out of the standing shots and edited the head shots and put them onto

a different coloured background....clever stuff!

Here are the finished products.....



Photos by Edd King





New photos by Edd King of Lois and Phoebe (Oh and not forgetting me and Kim lol!!)




Tavistock DCS

BIS photos taken by Louise Tope (Dewerstone)

July 2011 - Whisky at The Cocker Spaniel Club by Shel Cowles

16.08.11 - Newton Abbott and South Devon Canine Society Summer match - photos by Debbie Fuller (Dartmoor Animal Photographer)



Louise Tope took this beautiful picture of Grace and Whisky at the Top Dog Of Devon event 2011