Health Testing



                               As with most breeds, Cocker Spaniels do have some health problems which are being carefully monitored by The Cocker Spaniel Club and testing in place to monitor and ensure the incidence of such conditions are minimal.

Information about health and testing available for cocker spaniels can be found on the Cocker Spaniel Clubs website by following the link below:


I have recently had Phoebe (Franaille Oceans Sh.CM) tested for FN at Antagene in France and PRA-prcd at Optigen in USA. FN is carried out by testing a blood sample and Optigen through DNA taken from the bloods.

She was tested FN clear and was optigen tested as a Carrier (B)

This means she will NEVER develop FN nor will she pass it on to any of her progeny.  She has two normal copies of the FN gene and will not transmit the genetic anomaly to her progeny.

She will also NEVER develop the prcd form of PRA. She should be mated to a normal/clear genotype which will NOT produce pups affected with the prcd form of PRA. A mating of this type will only produce A's (normal/clear) and B's (carriers) and NOT C's (Affecteds)

Good news for Franaille!

Here are Phoebes certificates (I have deleted some personal information!)